Common Disputes in Commercial Litigation

Business partnerships don’t always go as smoothly as we like. Each party that enters into a partnership agreement has its own interests to protect. When these interests come into conflict with one another, disputes often arise. This threatens the partnership’s ability to benefit both sides and often the best course of action is to get help from a 

assistance from dispute resolution lawyers to navigate to an outcome that suits both sides.

There are a number of disputes that business partners can find themselves in, here are some of the most common ones:

Breaches of Contract

When a contract is in breach, one or both sides have failed to meet their obligations. This puts the partnership and each of its parties in danger.

Business Torts

Partnership agreements expect a certain level of trust in each party. When it’s discovered that one side of the partnership has been acting in a way that infringes on human rights or falls outside of the law, it can put the partnership in danger, and worse still, could have one of the parties facing unexpected legal trouble.

Product Liability

Deciding on which party is liable for faulty or dangerous products, especially when not stated in a partnership agreement, doesn’t only pose severe dangers for each side, but can also be incredibly difficult to resolve.

The sharing out of liability is generally decided according to a contract, but vague terms and oversights can turn this into a partnership-ending dispute, especially where one of the party’s reputations are on the line.

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